The Business Essentials
Covering a wide range of topics to help you create your own path in becoming a successful pro photographer.
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The Business Essentials

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Are You Just Getting Started?

  That very moment when you decide you want to do more with your photography than just share your images on social media and amongst friends - the question arises. "What's the path to becoming a successful photographer?"   That's the one question asked by everyone who has ever considered  going beyond

Business Plan

The Photography Business Plan Overview

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS FROM THE START   With camera in hand and some shooting skills under your belt, some thought may turn to the possibility of shooting images for a living.  No matter what genre of photography you consider going into, having a plan on how to

What does a Tax ID Number do for me?

    As a photographer you are going to want to get a tax ID number from your state’s tax commission.  The reason is that it allows you to purchase goods which you will use in reselling your work and not pay sales taxes on them when

The Creative Business Side of Photography

Being creative in a photography business goes well beyond creative imagery.    The business of photography is about combining your technical and creative skills with a camera and creating compelling reasons for people to choose your work to fill their needs. If you are going to