Photography Business
Discussions on building a photography business that applies to all genres of photography.
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What sets a successful photographer apart from other photographers comes down to how they represent themselves and their work.  In a world saturated with images and good photographers, creating a life as a successful photographer is far more about how people perceive you and your work.  Trying to be the cheapest photographer in town to get more work is a downhill race to the bottom, which means longer hours and higher volume for fewer rewards.  That’s not the race you want to run!

To be a successful photographer in any genre of photography, you have to provide creative and quality images.  But, that’s just one way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.    Another is in building a business whose persona attracts the public’s interest and running that business in a way that makes it profitable.   The kind of profits that allow you to live the lifestyle you envision with plenty left over.  Abundance is what we are talking about here. The kind that allows you to comfortably give back to help others with.

You will find in this section of our site, a wide range of topics designed to help you see how you can build up or expand your existing business to the next level in income and success.  In this section we’re covering the business, marketing, public relations, accounting, taxes, sales techniques and other ideas that you can take from us and apply to your own photography business.

Take from this section the things that fit your genre of photography, fit within your comfort zone or you can see nudging your business up a notch.  It’s all here for the taking and your success.