How Photographs are Sold
Alain Briot's best-seller "How Photographs are Sold" reviewed and is now available on his Beautiful Landscape web site and Amazon.
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How Photographs are Sold

How photographs are sold by alain briot book cover
Alain Briot is one of the finest photographers of Southwest landscapes in the US today.  Alain provides workshops, has written several books, writes a column for the Luminous Landscape and sells prints from his Beautiful Landscape web site.  Two of my favorite books by Alain Briot, Marketing Fine Art Photography and How Photographs are Sold are ones I consider essential for every amateur, advanced amateur or pro|am photographer to possess if they are interested in selling their work.  Both are available as in-print or eBooks and are great primers on getting your work sold.


This book is the precursor to his book “Marketing Fine Art Photographs” and will help you understand the market for fine art photography and prepare you for becoming a part of it.  Briot covers preparing yourself to put your work up for sell and creating an environment around selling your work to help your customers make the decision to buy your work.  One of my favorite stories in the book is about “Personalize It to Sell It”.  It is something that I have found in my fine art photography sales that really makes a difference to buyers.  They love to hear the story behind how an image came to be.  It takes them there and gives them a story they can tell those who see the image hanging on their wall.


He also includes stories by other fine art photographers about their experiences to share with you the perspectives of other photographers and how they sell their work.  It provides you with a good cross-section of the ways fine art photography is sold and then follows this with sage advice in the solving of issues faced by many photographers.

Good luck to you!
Download a sample of How Photographs are Sold


You can also get How Photographs are Sold on Amazon or directly from Alain Briot’s Beautiful Landscape web site..

Table of Contents:

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