Create a Tailored Photography Studio Experience with Atmosphere
How to easily create a great custom music atmosphere for your portrait studio clients when they arrive for a photo session.
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Create a Tailored Photography Studio Experience with Atmosphere

Making your clients feel right at home in your home or commercial studio is a great way to make their appointment an enjoyable experience.  One great way to do this is tailor their session to include music you know that makes them feel good.

In the process of setting up a portrait appointment, ask them on the short questionnaire used to get the appointment information “what musical artists do you like to listen to at home or in the car?” By knowing this you can tailor their session to include music you know that makes them feel good using one of the commercial-free subscription “radio” stations.

If you subscribe to a music service like Apple MusiciHeartRadio, Pandora or Spotify,  –  you can create a  radio station with their favorite artists.  Then at their appointment time, you can switch to their artist’s station, which will play their favorite artists and similar artists for you to pipe in as background music.  One of the great things about being able to create multiple stations on these services is that you can play separate stations in each of your shooting areas to give each customer their own enjoyable experience.  Currently, only Apple Music, Google Play and Spotify provide a “family plan” of up to 6 users which will allow you to play different radio stations at the same time so you can play a station in different rooms of your home or studio simultaneously.

Another added bonus is that when you do not have appointments booked, you can play commercial-free music throughout your studio that reflects your company’s image by creating your own stations.

How do you “set the mood” for your clients when they come in for a shoot?  We’d love to hear your comments!

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