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Image of artist and art buyer

#1 Tip for Building Art Collector Loyalty

It is one thing to have someone buy your photography.  It's another to keep them coming back for more.  Building a loyal collector base takes getting your work out there and making their purchase something special to them.   When someone buys a print from you at a show, offer to have a picture of you and the buyer taken holding the print. Get their email and send them the image.   This does TWO THINGS: Gives them provenance for the future that they bought the image directly from the...

chase jarvis interview image

Are You Just Getting Started?

  That very moment when you decide you want to do more with your photography than just share your images on social media and amongst friends - the question arises. "What's the path to becoming a successful photographer?"   That's the one question asked by everyone who has ever considered  going beyond being an amateur photographer to dreaming about becoming a full-time pro photographer. It holds true even if you want photography to be a more profitable hobby, while you keep your full-time job.  There are college degrees you can get that...

Create a Tailored Photography Studio Experience with Atmosphere

Making your clients feel right at home in your home or commercial studio is a great way to make their appointment an enjoyable experience.  One great way to do this is tailor their session to include music you know that makes them feel good.   In the process of setting up a portrait appointment, ask them on the short questionnaire used to get the appointment information “what musical artists do you like to listen to at home or in the car?” By knowing this you can tailor...

Business Plan

The Photography Business Plan Overview

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS FROM THE START   With camera in hand and some shooting skills under your belt, some thought may turn to the possibility of shooting images for a living.  No matter what genre of photography you consider going into, having a plan on how to make a living at it will give you a major headstart.  To create a path to becoming a successful photographer and not a meandering trail - you need a business plan! A business plan is a document that helps you define...

The Amateur, The Pro

  THE AMATEUR, THE PRO   What is the compelling difference between an amateur photographer and a pro photographer?  The way I see it is that there are really three levels of photographers whose description - each deserves its own noun.   The quality of each’s work and the degree to which one’s livelihood is tied to creating photographs seem to be a fair way to define photographers.    Within each of these descriptions, a photographer may be in different stages of getting to the next level, but the descriptions...

Building a successful landscape or fine art photography business | Part Three

Art Wolfe is a multi-faceted photographer/artist and entrepreneur.  (image: Eileen Redding Photography)   If you were to walk into Art Wolfe’s gallery in Seattle you would find yourself immersed in a world of large prints hanging on the walls, a large flat screen television playing an episode from his “Travels to the Edge” PBS series or a slideshow and a gallery library showcasing the 33+ books he has written.   Art Wolfe Gallery   “The camera allows people to create, and people are happier when they have something that engages them. ...