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Passion & Dedication

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Blog Masonry

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chase jarvis interview image

Are You Just Getting Started?

  That very moment when you decide you want to do more with your photography than just share your images on social media and amongst friends - the question arises. "What's the path to becoming a successful photographer?"   That's the one question asked by everyone who has ever considered  going beyond

Business Plan

The Photography Business Plan Overview

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS FROM THE START   With camera in hand and some shooting skills under your belt, some thought may turn to the possibility of shooting images for a living.  No matter what genre of photography you consider going into, having a plan on how to

The Amateur, The Pro

  THE AMATEUR, THE PRO   What is the compelling difference between an amateur photographer and a pro photographer?  The way I see it is that there are really three levels of photographers whose description - each deserves its own noun.   The quality of each’s work and the