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Growing from being an amateur photographer to a Pro|Am photographer is what The Next Level in Photography is all about. We’re here to help you take the journey to becoming a Pro|Am photographer and beyond.  Whether you start early or late in life the path you take to becoming a successful photographer is not based upon apprenticeship and time – but on your actions. Degreed or self-taught – the majority of professional photographers today created their own path in becoming the successful pros they are today with businesses built around their photography.

The Next Level is a community full of amateur photographers who want to go beyond posting their images to social media.  The people who come to The Next Level  have the dream of seeing their images in print, magazines, galleries or want to make a living from photography.  For them, we answer the question “How do I grow from being an amateur photographer to being a pro|am photographer and beyond?”

You’ll find that people like Chase Jarvis, Art Wolfe, Anne Geddes and Peter Lik all rose from being amateur photographers to becoming the successful pros they are today simply by working towards their goals one step at a time.  We began our own journey as amateurs when we decided we wanted to do more with our photography than sharing our images online.   As a great boss I once had would say “Put a stick in the ground and move forward from there”.  We began small and grew.

Our goal at The Next Level is to help you get started and keep giving you ideas on growing your photography business to the point you want to reach.  As the saying goes “A rising tide lifts all ships” and we’re here to help you rise by sharing what we’ve learned as we grew our photography business and brand.

Becoming a successful photographer is a combination of developing your creativity and pairing it with good business practices.  We’ll help you develop your skills in each of these areas until you have the foundation to launch your photography business into the next level and beyond!

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